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Accessories | Protective seat covers

Protective covers for your van or commercial vehicle.

Protect your van from daily wear and tear on the seats and help maintain the value of your vehicle by selecting a protective seat cover from Town and Country. We have seat covers available to fit almost all vans and commercial vehicles a selection of which are shown below.
VansGB can supply and install the full range of Town & Country protective seat covers.

  • The Ford Transit is Britain's best loved Light Commercial and we have Tailored to Fit covers for the Driver and the passenger - the ultimate protection for your van.
  • This rear seat cover, which is a massive 180 cm wide, is designed for use in the rear of a Crew Cab vehicle. Fitted with Velcro slots for seat belts and headrests, this seat cover is available in Black or Grey.
  • This van seat cover is designed to protect the double front passenger seat fitted to many vans and light commercial vehicles. Accepts seat belts and head rests.
  • The Van Double stretch has been designed specifically for those light commercial vehicles having larger front double passenger seats. In particular the Mercedes Sprinter and the Vauxhall Crafter both benefit from this cover.
  • Semi-tailored seat cover suitable for most cars and vans. Re-sealable slots for arm rests and tailored head rest. Waterproof and hardwearing. Available in five colours.
  • Intended to be fitted and removed in seconds, this seat cover is ideal for the occasional user. It is fitted over the head rest and does not cover the back of the seat.
Accessories available from VansGB

Please speak to us about these and other options when you purchase your van from us, we can arrange for the work to be done quickly, easily and professionally. If you require a specialist option that isn’t listed here, please call us on 0845 3402650 and we can get a quote for you.

If you wish to have accessories fitted to an existing vehicle, please call us on 0845 3402650 to discuss the options.

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