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Your First Van

Step 1: Find the right van!

Come and take a look at our vans, they come in many different shapes and sizes to match different needs. The type of van you need will depend on what you’re using it for, if you’re starting a removals company – then a large van will meet your needs, perhaps you’re just offering small delivery then a small combi-van will be just right for you. Talk to us, tell us what you’re doing and we’ll help you find the right van.

Specifications – think about what’s important to you and what you need…

  • Size / Type  – Get the right size for you, too big and it will be expensive to run and harder to park. Too small and you’ll end up making multiple trips.
  • Fuel economy – You’ll need to weigh up your needs with the running costs, generally speaking the more powerful the van the more fuel it will use and the higher the running cost. If you don’t need a powerful engine then we can help you find an economical model, but if you need a big powerful van then we can help you out too!
  • Interior - Do you want any extras, or is basic better. Think about how many seats you need, will this replace the family car, are you transporting workmates around? What level of comfort do you need?
  • Cargo space - Along with people you must consider how much space you need to transport equipment/parcels etc. Do you need a big cargo area, does the cargo area need to be ply-lined?
  • Running  costs – Along with fuel economy, you need to budget for road tax, maintenance, servicing, finance and insurance.

Step 2: The right way to pay

Even if you have the cash to pay for your van outright, it may not always be the best option.
Depending on your circumstances, you may want to keep your cash to re-invest in your business or to keep for emergencies. Rather than tie up your cash in a van you should consider a monthly repayment option, at VansGB we can arrange the finance on your van and with a current typical APR of 5% it allows you to build the budget into your business plan.

Another option available from VansGB is the ability to lease a van, for some people this could be the best option. This will allow you to make smaller monthly repayments based on the residual value of the van. At the end of the term you can simply return the van to the leasing company and walk away, or you could opt to take out another new van on a fresh leasing agreement. Come and talk to us and we can help you arrange a leasing agreement.

Van Loan calculatorclick here to get a finance quote

Step 3: Insure your van

So you’ve decided on a van. As with a family car you’re going to need to insure it and you’ll need to get special van insurance.

We’ve teamed up with A-plan to help you find a great insurance quote, click below to get started.

Don’t forget you’ll need to cover any equipment left in your van. This is an option on most van insurance policies, but always double check to make sure it is covered.

Get a cheap van insurance quote for your van here

Step 4: Make your van your own

Once you’ve decided on the right van for you, you may need to add some extras so that your van fits the needs of your business exactly.

We can easily fit a range of optional extras to your van, such as roofracks and towbars, to adding graphics and signwriting your name onto the side.

Whatever you need to do to your van we can help! Just ask.

Step 5: Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

We’re here to help, and we appreciate it can seem a bit of a minefield for a first time van buyer.

Call us or email us and we’ll be happy to talk you through some suitable vans, arrange a test drive and talk you the options of how to purchase your van.

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